Philips MasterDuty MaxiKit H1/H7

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Technische Daten Philips MasterDuty MaxiKit H1/H7

Allgemeine Informationen
Artikelnummer 207546
Herstellername KIT H1/H7 55561 LKMD 24V KM
Stückzahl in der Herstellerumverpackung 4
Technische Informationen
Technologie Xenon
Lampen Spannung (V) 24
EAN (Produkt-Nr) 8727900696882
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Beschreibung Philips MasterDuty MaxiKit H1/H7

Next Generation T10 LED Retrofit

Whether you manage an entire fleet or drive one special truck, you know that the quality of your lamps is important to your safety and your budget.

MasterDuty & MasterLife are designed to perform at the highest standards of safety and performance. With MasterDuty and MasterLife, your truck stays on the road. Longer.

The new Philips Bus & truck range is the optimal choice of lighting for long-haul vehicles, buses, and heavy-duty equipment.

With trucks exposed to extreme variances in road conditions over long periods of time, it pays to invest in Philips MasterDuty and MasterLife.

MasterDuty and MasterLife keep your fleet productive and on the move by minimizing time-consuming interruptions. Maximum 24V performance equals minimum downtime!

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