Philips PS 19W Langlebig

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Technische Daten Philips PS 19W Langlebig

Allgemeine Informationen
Artikelnummer 207696
Herstellername PS19W 12085 LL 12V C1
Stückzahl in der Herstellerumverpackung 10
Technische Informationen
Technologie Halogen
Watt 19
Lampen Spannung (V) 12
Sockel PG20/1
Lichtstrom (Lumen) 350
EAN (Produkt-Nr) 8727900700466
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Beschreibung Philips PS 19W Langlebig

Drive with care

4x lifetime, less replacement

Tired of changing your headlight bulbs all the time? With 4x lifetime of a car bulb, Philips LongLife EcoVision is the choice for drivers seeking to minimize maintenance on their vehicles.

Lasts 4x longer than a standard lamp

  • No replacement necessary for 100 000 km
  • High quality filament design to minimize maintenance
  • Less waste thanks to 4x less replacement
  • Wide range of 12V lamps to meet all functions
  • Change both your headlamps at once for more safety

Original Equipment manufacturer

  • Philips is the choice of all major car manufacturers
  • Award-winning car lamp manufacturer
  • Complying with the high quality standards of ECE homologation

Very high quality and ultra-resistant car lamp

  • Philips car lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass
  • Philips car lamps are highly resistant to humidity
  • Philips car lamps are highly UV resistant
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